Recently Microsoft has always been showing a game first and this was no different, and starting with there big hitter Halo is always welcome. The new art style they're bring to Halo Infinite, it was starting to look dated at least to me and I really dig this new look. It sounds like the game will be going back to solely playing as Master Chief which is always welcome.

The best thing about the Microsoft event is always all the games they show, and the different types of games that compliment each other. It keeps me locked in enjoying every second of it and they like to big up the exclusivity, which is always nice, makes the choice of having an Xbox that bit better. But it's never at the forefront of my mind.

Microsoft started there montage of game trailers with Ori The Will of the Wisps a beautiful 2D platformer which I know I'll fall in love with, the music and art style captivate me and I know I'll be getting it at some point. We then got a big shift in tone Sekuri Shadows Die Twice a what I'd consider hack and slash, beautiful in it's own way but probably not a game for me, I don't think it'll end up having the substance that I want in games. Todd Howard was brought out next, to show off Fallout 76, but since I've already discussed it in my Bethesda Hot Take check it out there.

I didn't actually expect Captain Spirit to be a thing, I think Life is Strange would be a one shot. But expanding the Life is Strange universe is so exciting, there's so much that could be going on and unleashed with Super Powers. But we'll see what happens with this game, I'm at least interested to see where the story goes. The fact it's free is even better. I'm going to be honest with you guys now and I'm sorry, but I really can't get into Crackdown. I could never get into the original crackdowns either, jumping around was cool but it wasn't for me.

Nier Autonoma releasing a complete edition, might be right up my street as I still need to play it. But not sure again if it's my sort of game, although it does look amazing. It took me a while to realise this next one, but Metro is a must play for me, it looks awesome and I'm really excited to explore an apocolyptic setting other than Fallout. The gunplay is the thing I'm really noticing from Metro Exodus, it looks sharp and exactly what I want. I'm looking to develop a gun play proof of concept similar to metro gunplay.

Now again don't hate me, but I've never played Kingdom hearts, but seeing all the trailers for Kingdom Hearts, I really want this one. It just feels and seems like a fun game to play, also who couldn't enjoy exploring the Disney universes. We got some new DLC for Sea of Thieves announced, a game I've not played but one I'd love to get into if they released a definitive edition. I love the art style, I just wish there was more to do, though I think these new DLC's might give us that. Also I do like the sense of humour it has.

Usually I would get Call of Duty and get Battlefield at some point later on, not this year Battlefield V is going to be my game of choice I think for the 2018 at least. Not much of fan with where Call of Duty is going, but I am with Battlefield. Especially with putting a Woman front and centre finally. Forza Horizon 4 in my own country, yes this is what I want, I didn't think Great Britain looked that good and I see it everyday. But in Forza it looks incredible. I just want to explore. I wonder when other peoples countries got put in Forza Horizon, they thought the same.

We Happy Few is approaching it's release and I was initially excited then put off, but I'm considering it again I think there could really be something here that I'll love playing. This is a universe I'd love to see in Movie or TV form either, as the concept is amazing. It looks like we'll be getting more of a Story now and that's the main thing I wanted with this game. So bring it on!

Microsoft of course was the first to announce The Division 2, my thoughts on what was shown can be found on my Ubisoft Hot Take. We then got back into the action with more of the new Tomb Raider, I mean there's not much to say, it doesn't look that different from the other Tomb Raider Games. Although that doesn't mean it doesn't look incredible and won't be a purchase I'll be making soon after it comes out. We then were blessed with something I imagine a lot of you hoped was Skate 3, sadly not, although I've never been into Skate games so it didn't really phase me to much. Got to love some Eminem though!

I honestly didn't expect a Dying Light 2, I never even crossed my mind. I love the first one, but it wasn't the first thought I had for a sequel. It is definitely wanted and from the looks of it, it'll be an excellent sequel, the parkour system looks better. The choices that they'll give us in the game look really interesting. I always love the choice mechanics in games, although it always seems watered down, I guess we'll see when it comes to this one.

We got our slew of game trailers, Just Cause 4 being the big hitter, you've always got to enjoy the craziness that can occur with that game. Then we got our finisher, the game that needed to be amped up again, I know I've forgotten where we are in the story, but Gears of War 5 has been announced. I'll have to backlog all the previous games and go through all of them again, which I'll likely stream on Twitch if you're interested.

Although it wasn't over, we got a different finisher for Xbox, another World Premier. Which for most people is going to be the game they're most hyped for, Cyberpunk 2077. A FPS RPG, a game I know I'm going to love especially considering the type of game it is. It gives me a GTA vibe which I'm totally down for, so hopefully we'll see some actual gameplay in the near future.

That was the Microsoft E3 Conference, one of the best especially for the larger publisher and in retrospect a lot better than Playstations this year.