We're having what I consider a pretty incredible E3, 2018 seems to the year where we're getting everything we could want. At least I think so from the Xbox and Bethesda conferences (still not finished digesting what I think about EA Play). Let's get onto Bethesda, it hit all the right notes unlike last year, it had so much to show and it didn't even have to be full games, a few snippets here and there which just added to the hype. The glimpse of somewhere in Tamriel I assume for the Elder Scrolls 6.

The show starting off with Rage 2 with a live rendition of Ready to Die by Andrew MK which was of course incedible. Before we got a chance to get a proper glimpse of the gameplay, which is a huge improvement from the original. They've clearly taken inspiration from Doom and Wolfenstein with the quick fire gunplay, to give players that feeling of invincibility. That is until you die. I'm looking forward to it, which surprises me because I didn't expect too.

We of course got some Elder Scrolls Legends and the Elder Scrolls Online, one of which I've barely played and the other I desperately want to set a weekend aside and really sink my teeth into it, so it's hard to comment on either of these, from the "woops", I assumed it was good. Of course you can't go wrong with some Dead or Alive with Prey, sadly it's another of those games I've got in my Backlog, but the Mooncrasher DLC looks excellent. Much like how the actual game.

Now let's talk about Fallout 76, it's been given what we always wanted for a multiplayer fallout game, Co-Op where you can ust go around exploring, killing everything! Not so sure about base building after it being so important in Fallout 4, but I guess I'll wait and see. The new monsters look terrifying though and I'm glad they're maxing it to 12 players or so per game, if it had become something like The Elder Scrolls Online, that might've been a bit off putting since it's the apocolypse. But overall it looks excellent and I'll be definitely getting this game on release!

The Elder Scrolls Blades look so awesome, especially as I've been getting into the mobile gaming space a lot more. Especially with the quality that games are on such small devices and Blades definitely looks like it's going to be one of the best looking games to come out on a Mobile Device. So I'm looking forward to getting into blades, mostly because I can't not play any sort of Elder Scrolls Game.

With Bethesda making games in the fantasy space and the apocolypse space, Sci-fi had to be just around the corner so seeing more about this game will definitely be interesting. Finishing with the Elder Scrolls 6 was of course a tease, but now I'm going to be desperately waiting for more about it.

What I'm trying to say through all of this, Bethesda nailed there conference and I'm really excited to get my hands on all these games. I've got more ramblings on Twitter.