Getting back into Call of Duty World at War

So I recently got an Xbox One, which is a good console despite what everyone says. The best reason for me to have an Xbox One comes from my large collection of Xbox 360 titles that I can play on the Xbox One. One of my favourites being Call of Duty World at War, one of the first Call of Duty’s I actively sunk a lot of time into. Playing War regularly and of course the first introduction of Nazi Zombies. Was a huge point for me during High School. Which was time well spent and even now this is a game that I really enjoy playing. This, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 were the high points of the Call of Duty franchise for me. There are of course issues, but it’s these games I love to pick up and I’ve yet to pinpoint why that is.

I think it might be down to the maps and weapons suit me so much more than the current Call of Duty’s. Modern Warfare had the best maps. World at War had the best weapons. With Modern Warfare 2 offering the best kill-streaks. I remember seeing the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer trailer and being blown away. “Holy Sh*t we’re going to be able to use an AC130”. The introduction of the variety of kill-streaks really refreshed the game for me. Made a big difference and could shift the game so frequently. You were losing horribly and then a teammate gets the Chopper Gunner and it’s your moment to make that push. Loved it.

So here I am back on Call of Duty World at War with over 500 people still playing the game which to me is incredible. I doubt they’ll be getting similar numbers on the PlayStation, for obvious reasons. But it’s still great for a decade old game. But I’ve been enjoying it, your game mode choices are limited with only 500 people but it takes a minute to get into a good game of Team Deathmatch.

So I’ve just been jumping in and out when I’ve had some time. If you’ve still got your copy of World at War hidden somewhere. Dig it out and give it ago, if you enjoyed the game previously, I’m sure you will now. I’ve still got my love for it. I may actually be better at it than I was there. When I didn’t care about my Kill Death Ratio, mostly because I was an objective player. Now at 22 I’ve finally learnt how to be both…I think.

The pity about World at War for me is that the DLC maps just don’t stand up to the vanilla game maps. They just don’t stack up and even back then they weren’t that good. So I’m always hoping to not get a DLC map, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. Now I mention it I think this is the problem with most Call of Duty games. The new maps always felt worse than the originals. I’d assume it’s because they’ve only got a couple of people working on these new maps, they’ve started focusing on there new game.

But that still doesn’t sound good, you’re releasing sub par new content? I can’t think of a DLC map released on any Call of Duty that was actually better than the original maps. Warning: Don’t buy Call of Duty DLC maps. Zombies is usually worth it though. Even if Activision is milking zombies for all they’re worth at the moment.

TLDR; got a copy of Call of Duty World at War, jump on the games still great and I would love more people to play with.

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