Why the Elder Scrolls Oblivion is better than Skyrim

So Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game. I got it on PC back in 2006 when my personal computer wasn’t connected to the Internet and I had 2 games. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and World in Conflict (Side note: I really enjoyed World in Conflict). World in Conflict was my quick easy fix, while Oblivion was my go to, long term game which I sunk so many hours into and it was definitely worth it. Which is why 11/12 years later I can jump back into the world with admittedly dated graphics. While still be fully immersed in this world. The stories and quests of Oblivion are superb, the Dark Brotherhood story line in this game is perfect and one I’ve replayed countless times. A story arc that everyone should play at least once.

So why is Oblivion better than Skyrim

We can safely say that Skyrim was better visually and with a greater variation of voice actors. But that’s basically what Skyrim does for me, it’s a game I’ve played most of, but it still hasn’t got anywhere near the hours that Oblivion got. Which honestly I think Oblivion for me at least had the more compelling story which comes down to the most important thing for me. I mean there are some excellent quests in Oblivion.

Having Glarthir come up to you in Skingrad and explain how he thinks he’s being watched. Making you tail some of the citizens of Skingrad reporting back to him every night. Where you then have a choice, lie to him saying someone is watching him and watch him go crazy or be honest and have him go crazy on you. Experiencing it for the first time and most of the subsequent times has been excellent and this was just some side thing that happened. This little guy just came up to me and then it all started and that’s what I really loved. The perceived spontaneity of it all.

Skingrad Castle

Give me Story!

I think when it comes down to it, Oblivion just was the better game for me. It focused on what really mattered to me. Similar to how Fallout New Vegas was a better game compared to Fallout 3 at least for me personally. Give me story and depth and a world that feels somewhat connected with all the Oblivion Portals popping up. Compared to a world where everything is in it’s own little bubble and nothing seems to cross over. We’ll undoubtedly be getting a new Elder Scrolls game sometime in the near future, maybe even before 2020. Which I am most definitely looking forward to. But Oblivion for me is still my favourite.

But I’ve still got to play the Witcher 3. So my expectations for compelling RPGs might do a complete 180 after playing that. I just need to find the time. But as is life, perhaps I can finally stop putting off getting into live streaming on Twitch, because that’ll be the day.