All about the Geekotist on Gaming Movies and TV Shows

What is the Geekotist?

Put simply it’s an aggregation site, aggregating reviews and information about the specific game/movie/tv show, maybe even comics and books. But compared to other sites of similar function, the Geekotist will make heavy use of Social Media, which is something IMDB and Metacritic miss. They also act as separate entities unlike what I’m hoping the Geekotist will be, attempting to be one place with all the information.

With the name coming from the combination of Geek and Egotist. When someone has all the information and knows everything about a geeky topic they’re often known as a Geekotist. Which this brand should be, it should know everything about a specific item. Though this will be a slow build up.

What will it be?

At it’s base it’s going to be a website, built using a MEAN development stack(Mongo, Express, Angular and Node), a common stack for modern web development and one I’m looking to get more experience with. On top of this their will be plenty of social media posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter along with several Instagram stories and Youtube Video when possible.

I’ve thought about attempting to build more of a community from it as well, perhaps integrating a forum into the website. But that’ll be a see how we go sort of thing. The main thing I need to do is actually build this project which might be pretty big for a single development. But I’ll be splitting it up into more manageable stages. Also I’m not sure if people still use Forums or if it’s a dying community type.

What’s next to work on with the Geekotist?

Well simply I’m going to start posting regularly on Social Media to attempt to build up the brand. Which in itself should be quite simple and something I’ve actually got experience doing but we’ll see how that goes. On top of that I’ll be slowly building up the website. With a base product built by Christmas. Which I’ll Then slowly add to it throughout 2017 until it’s up to the standard I expect.