EGX 2017 Roundup

I’m back from my 4 Days at EGX 2017 and an amazing time at that

Beyond the early starts and long days EGX 2017 was incredible and honestly better than it was the previous year. It felt like there were more official games on show that we could check out and more. With the big 3 console manufactures each having a stand; Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo, along with all the games it entails was great. Plus other publishers such as Blizzard, Ubisoft and Sega being there as well. This with the incredible Indie games on show at the Indie Rezzed Zone, there’s so much to do and play.

So Day 1 of EGX 2017

Day 1 started pretty early as I’ve got some friends who like to be first in line on the first day. But what followed was a pretty quiet day in comparison. The first game I played was Shadow of War which is a lot like the first. But the new Siege mode feels like it adds a lot to the game. It’s a game I’m definitely adding to my list of games to get. It’s just a pity the whole Micro Transaction debacle is going on. The rest of the day was spent walking around the convention and attempting the Road to EGX. An Overwatch tournament, which we only got to the Quarter Finals on. Due to Lag.

Finally I checked out Assassin’s Creed Origins a big change from the usual Assassin’s Creed formulae but a welcome one. First play-through I only managed to get the two statues and the start of a farm side-quest. But I enjoyed it all the same, it was just hard to focus so late in the day after being up so early. Which pretty much ended Day 1, good day but relatively quiet compared to the others.

Banner for Ubisoft EGX 2017

Day 2 of EGX 2017

Day 2 was pretty Ubisoft centric honestly, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. First was Assassin’s Creed Origins again. Which I actually managed to complete fully, killing the god R’ah and getting the cinematic. With the changes made Assassin’s Creed Origins is definitely a game I’ll be getting. It felt full, as if there was tonnes to do which is welcome. Far Cry 5 was next which I enjoyed but it definitely hasn’t changed as much as Assassin’s Creed. It’s still Far Cry with an America South setting which I know I’ll enjoy. But it’s not anywhere near the top of my list of Games to play. That goes for Southpark: The Fractured Butt Whole as well, again fun to play but nothing super new or exciting.

Now onto the final game I played which I want make sure everyone has a look at if they ever see it at a convention. Detroit Beyond Human was incredible, I felt so invested and loved every second. I played it 3 times in total, each time with a different ending and it never got old for me. It was just a simple negotiation scene, you’ve probably seen the trailer which I’ll embed below. But wow does it hook you and if the game is anything like the demo. It’s a must buy, at least for anyone who enjoys a compelling story.

Day 3 of EGX 2017

Day 3 of EGX 2017 started with playing Battlefront 2, which even with just the demo we all saw at E3. Charging the palace with the tank, basically an escort mission. It felt so good and with all the extra features the game has. (Haha features, by that I mean singleplayer…) Definitely a game I’m going to be picking up, a new trailer has actually just come out narrated by John Boyega and showing off more of the game. I’ll embed it below. Day 3 was another slow day honestly, played Detroit for the 2nd time and tried out the new Uncharted 4 DLC.

Along with actually checking out a Rezzed and Career Fair talk which are always interesting. Day 3 ended with catching the highlights of Runefest which had actually been going on that day. Just interesting to see future developments on a game that’s been going for so long.

Day 4 of EGX 2017

Was more of the same, final playthrough of Detroit, tried out Lucky tales which is a fun platformer coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One. Along with getting a good look at all the Indie Games coming out. A great way to end the convention. With a final drive back home and me falling asleep in the backseat most of the way. There’s actually a video of it, which I’m not the most happy about. So a great 4 days, and is definitely a convention that UK gamers should try and go to at least once.

Thanks for having me EGX, I can’t wait for next year!

Group Photo EGX 2017 Queue