Of Guards and Thieves – Indie Perspective

An Indie Perspective of, Of Guards and Thieves a small multiplayer indie game which is a lot of fun. This series will be moving to http://www.Geekostist.com in the near future a more focused platform. Compared to Insidific which is specifically about me, my videos and streams and personal blog posts.

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Indie Perspective

Indie Perspective looks at Indie Games or Independent Video Games and gives a detailed view of what the game is about. Giving you more information before a purchase to see whether the title is really for you. With all the Indie Games coming out nowadays, a detailed look at some of them will help you pinpoint which games you should and shouldn’t buy. Indie Perspective also looks to showcase games that have flown under the radar and may be worth your time. So make sure you check back for every episode.

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About Of Guards and Thieves

Of Guards And Thieves is a game about teamplay, stealthy movement, action, tactics and timing. OGAT brings together gameplay from FPS, Top-down shooters and sandbox games. We want to give you a unique and original experience, full of content and highly replayable. The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux PC with full Steam support.

Using the main game mode the guards must defend SIX objects present on the game map. The objects are spread differently throughout the maps. However the location of the objects NEVER change on the same map. The guards have to strategize and hold key locations of the map to prevent thieves reaching any objects. Use common sense to try to think about the thieves’ target object however be wary of ruses from the thieves’ team.

In contrast, while the guards are defending the six objects on the map. Thieves have the objective of stealing ONE precise object. A Yellows objective arrow points it out. Thieves have to steal the target object and escape with it safely through one of the exits. The System randomly selects a target object. Which is then announced to the thieves team at the beginning of the game. The guards do not know which of the objects is the real goal of the thieves. Strategize with your teammate for an all-in attack or confuse the guards by stealing other objects to distract them.

You can find the game here: http://www.ofguardsandthieves.com/